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Beijing Xingguang Film & TV Equipment Technologies Co.,Ltd (hereinafter Starlight) was established in the early 1980s. Through 30 years of painstaking efforts, Starlight has become a ‘one-stop’ integrated supplier which focus on the customized equipment service and comprehensive supporting service in culture industry. On December 11st, 2015, Starlight was listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Stock Code: 834608). As a leading enterprise, its employees more than 2000 people, and it has seven subsidiaries. In addition, Starlight is the sponsor and drafter of National Standard, Industry Standard and Stage LED Standard in stage and film area.

Starlight is awarded Beijing High-tech Enterprise, Beijing Model Enterprise of High-tech Achievement Transformation. Starlight had undertaken a number of major issues, such as ‘National 863 Plan’,‘National Promotion Plan of Culture and Science& Technology’, ‘Major Science&Technology Project of Beijing’. Starlight has a group of highly educated, highly qualified experts. In recent years , it has achieved more than 200 patents, furthermore, part of patents fill the gaps in the domestic industry.

Throughout, Starlight works with the spirit of harmony, diligence, truth-seeking, innovative.

Industry covers studio, theater, stage machine, landscape effects, stage integrated services, audio-video system integration, satellite network transmission, customized special vehicle, high-end chip manufacturing and other fields.  Through innovative design, directional research, customized produce, supporting service and professional operation to meet the demands of clients in all directions.  Starlight has successfully accomplished a large number of studio, theater projects at home and abroad. For instance, Burma's 27th southeast Asian Games Opening& Closing Ceremonies, Dreams of Tao, The Han Show, 2014 APEC Welcome Ceremony, Shanghai Disneyland, Mongolia 11th Asia-Europe Meeting.

With new technology and the industrial revolution, Starlight has continually intensified the reforms and structural adjustments. It is the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry, and it had been gradually changed from the original manufacturer, integrator to culture creative industry provider, science and technology service provider. It has been changed from a single product to all-round custom professional service. Meanwhile, through developing international cooperatio, the company competitiveness has been further strengthen. Projects orient to the whole country, and radiate abroad. Starlight is famous in China and foreign countries.

    Starlight won Advanced Enterprise of National Light Industry Performance Excellence Award, Ten National Brand, Technological Innovation-Oriented Enterprises, Most Valuable Brand in China's Performing Arts Industry, Beijing Famous Brand.

In recent years, with the great development of culture industry and culture tourism, Starlight utilizes innovative technology to drive culture industry promotion. Starlight integrates culture technology into travel to establish Innovative Tourism Park which is based on technology and culture.  At the same time, Starlight devotes itself to create a new industry and goal which is integrated with technology, culture and tourism.

Starlight actively develops the international market, and purchases excellent foreign resource, introduces advanced technology to access to the high-end market. In 2014, Starlight had partnered with Show Canada and Mirage Entertainment to set up Show Canada China. Show Canada China assembles advanced technology, rich experience and international designers to provide design and customized equipment for Chinese clients and Asia-Pacific clients.

In the future, Starlight will seize National Equities Exchange and Quotations as an opportunity to explore new areas of Chinese cultural industry as its mission, and use unique R & D advantages and a wide range of application solutions to fight for national culture industry.

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