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Satellite Network Transmission

Satellite communications division is mainly responsible for satellite communications business, and the construction of a large satellite communications station, optical fiber transmission professional network and mobile satellite vehicle transmission platform. 

With the Ministry of industry and information technology issued by the second types of basic telecommunications business in the domestic satellite communications services (VSAT) business license. Asian satellite company authorization

code is CNBXG-001.
Satellite communications division to radio and TV program transmission services as the main business, and CCTV, Beijing TV and other national and local mainstream media maintained good relations of cooperation; but also has a close communication with Sohu, enlight media, pptv, storm video large network media and public media division.

Independent development of satellite network + Internet +4G communication network system, the integration of satellite network, the Internet, mobile network technology, realize the combination of heaven and earth, communication and dissemination of three-dimensional coverage. 

While carrying out the business of a number of innovative distance education, telemedicine, tele conferencing, and has for the Beijing Municipal Bureau of civil defense, and other government agencies, Chinese medicine will cardiovascular branch, Chinese national culture and arts foundation and other social institutions, China Datang Corporation, Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. and other enterprises provide technical services.

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