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Comprehensive Tourism Service
Beijing Starlight Culture &Tourism Development CO.,Ltd is scenic area exploitation, tourism performance, film experience,
leisure agriculture, industrial tourism, educational tour, and developing of industry Park.

Based on different areas, Xingguang launched the various and distinctive tour. In coastal area, sport and health tourism play a leadingrole.

In South West area, keeping in good health play a leading role. Wetland, leisure agriculture and Disney is the main tour in the Middle East area.

Beijing Xingguang culture tourism development Co., Ltd has ability to independently complete to develop, design, construct and operate.
In recent years, Xingguang took part in many tourism projects, such as impression series, Landscape performance,Dream series of performances, and etc.

Xingguang cooperated with many well-known enterprise and institutions in variety of area, such as Phoenix Property in comprehensive strategic, Tsinghua University established Article research center, and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Subject research.  

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