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High-End Chip Manufacture
Advanced compound semiconductors £¨beijing£©Co.,LTD is by the Beijing Xingguang Film&TV Equipment Technologies Co.,Ltd , as the main investor,institute of semiconductors, Chinese academy of sciences for technical support, specializing in the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) compound microstructure materials research and development and production of high-tech enterprises.
In the national 2025 high-tech transformation fund support, create with GaAs, GaN and SiC a III-V generation of the core areas of focus, semiconductor into China's high-end chip alliance, All into production, scientific and research, public relations with common innovation, promoting the core technology and fill the core of blank in the China. To promote the development of China's integrated circuit industry rapidly.

The company has more than the United States Veeco company GEN 2000 molecular beam epitaxy equipment, and XRD, PL-Mapping, Surface-scan and analysis of testing equipment. Company has more than 2000m2workshop, including more than 1000 square meters of high level ultra-clean factory and complete supporting facilities. The first domestic innovative company into the international high-end compounds the of the core epitaxial materials of China.  

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