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LED Display Equipment Manufacture
Beijing Solight lighting electronics co., LTD. (Solight) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Xingguang Film&TV Equipment Technologies Co.,Ltd , is committed to providing customers with a full range of digital experiences, video
and information release system overall solution.
Companies adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the forerunner,taking the path of independent intellectual property rights, developed the full color control system with the international advanced level, and in the structure
of the display design has won several national patents.

Has completed the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Shanghai world expo,Hanover, Germany GongBoHui expo, South Korea, lishui, the 27th Burma's southeast Asian games, 2014 APEC evening party, and other large activities, as well as CCTV, Beijing TV, heilongjiang TV station, the chang 'an grand theatre,national drama institute, Beijing happy valley, chengdu happy valley and other domestic well-known TV studio and theater stage. Mature stage experience,high quality products, leading technology and perfect service experts and widespread praise customers.  

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