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Customized Special Vehicle
Beijing Xingguang Lutong Audio&Video Broadcasting Tech.,LTD.Devoting to system integration and equipment manufacturing for radio, Television and satellite communications,the company integrates its research, development, manufacturing, sales and services.
It mainly produces a variety of special vehicles, including vehicles for satellite communications, vehicles for mobile communications, Television relaying vehicles, vehicles for testing, stage trucks and motor homes. These products are widely used in fields of public security, armies, justice, civil air defense, Television and radio stations. The company
is honored as an outstanding service provider within the satellite industry of China.
Company¡¯s objectives of design and manufacturing: To present brand new design concepts of special vehicles made in China and incorporate modification processes of world-renowned special vehicle modification companies, in order to create new brands of special vehicles made in China with the advancement of sciences and technologies.

The company has performed very well in producing special vehicles necessary for major national political and sports events. It made certain contributions to the flight missions of manned spacecraft Shenzhou-VI and Shenzhou-¢÷ manned spaceship with the ¡°Satcom on the move vehicles for satellite communications¡± it designed and manufactured for the China Academy of Space Technology. It has also manufactured hundreds of special vehicles for different professional fields for live broadcast and relaying of important events like ¡°Olympics¡±, ¡°Asian Games¡±, ¡°International Universities¡¯ Games¡± and ¡°World Expo¡±.

In particular, it has produced multiple types of special vehicles for on-site interactions in terms of ¡°live audios¡±.

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