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Intelligent Control System
LIGHTSPACE-Beijing Starlight Electronics Co. Ltd£¬a subsidiary company of Beijing Xingguang TV&Film Equipment Technologies Co. Ltd£¬is focused on researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing of lighting control equipments.
For system design, LIGHTSPACE also could provide customized solutions and manufacture scalable systems for TV studios, theatres, conference rooms, hotels, especially for any kind of stage & studio lighting system, as well as intelligent lighting control system, to meet the most complex requirements of customers.
With advanced technology, stable products, and quality service, our company has received many comments from our clients including: CCTV, Beijing City TV station, Shanghai TV station, Liaoning State TV Station and Jiangxi State TV station, Memorial Museum of Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War,Beijing Poly theatre, Peking University Centennial Hall.
Many of our products have been certified with CE standards.
With state of the art technology, professional performance of product stability, qualified devices and services, LIGHTSPACE has received many positivecomments from overseas and domestic clients.

Please visit our website www.lightspace.com.cn to know more details.  

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