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Audio-Video Integration
The AV System Business Division of Starlighting is always dedicated to the sale and system integration of specialized broadcasting products. It has made presences in every province and city TV stations of China by providing HD/SD television broadcasting vans, television studios, broadcasting centers, and satellite transmission vehicles. It is also involved in the projects of post-production centers and satellite uplink station, where it carries out system design, integration, installation and debugging as well as providing training and after-sales service.
The AV System Business Division is an agent and system integrator for many international famous AV equipment manufacturers, such as Ikegami,Snell, Miranda, Ross, Fujinon, Canon, BMS, ND¡¡Satcom , Vinten, Tektronix, Leader, Canare, Gepco, Tamura, Nevion and others.

Thanks to the rapid development, the AV System Business Division has successively completed many projects, including the stage decoration engineering of the Open News Studio of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, the AV system installation of a 300 square meters Omni Media Open News Studio of Neimenggu Television, the AV equipment, stage design and lighting system of HD Studio 503 and 508 of the specialized HD and digital studios of Wenzhou Radio Television System, the system purchase project for HD television broadcasting of 16-channel and audio production van of 5.1 Sound Channel of Dalian Radio and Television Station, system integration of 8+2 HD broadcasting van of Yulin News Building,and the large-scale traction vehicle, vehicle bed adaptation, specialized equipment system, and total integrations of Dongguan Broadcast Television Station. Meanwhile it also undertook overseas engineering projects, such as the Color TV Broadcasting Center of Equatorial Guinea, HD broadcasting vans and DSNG vehicles in Zimbabwe, and other projects.  

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