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Main Features
Take high performance LED matrix module as the lighting source which can meet there
quirements of photography and film shooting;
The usage of non-spherical lens and full reflect optical collimation system can effectively
control the stray light; the high illumination output can make 80 percent of energy saving
compared with the conventional halogen tungsten stage light;
The patented design of the lighting fixture moving control system, unique structure and
beautiful shape;
The patented design of the three-point joint focusing system makes the focusing device
operate smoother and more precise;
The dimming resolution can be up to 65536 level, the lowest lighting illumination is less
than 1/10000 of maximum illumination, can realize a TLD (Tungsten-Like Dimmer) smooth
The seamless rotating systemrealize the most accurate rotating positioning;
The patented design of LED placement ensures the round and even lighting beam;
Built-in DMX512 signal digital control with Art-net port can make lighting plot automation.


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