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Main Features
í´ Combine 300W white color and 300W RGB color together into one which can show both
the high CRI performance of the white color and the colorful effects of RGB LED;
í´ The usage of diamond-patterned lens realize the lighting mix inside, to make the same
brightness, color and even lighting field;
í´ CRI>90, meet the high professional standard of TV Studio and theatre;
í´ The dimming resolution can be up to 65536 level and can realize a TLD (Tungsten-Like
Dimmer) smooth dimming;
í´ Built-in DMX512 signal digital control with Art-net port can make lighting plot automationú╗
í´ High luminous efficiency,the light output is equal to 3KW traditional tungsten halogen
spotlight,The illuminance is above 600lux at the distance of 30 meters suitable for large
studio and theatre.


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