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Main Features
í´ High CRI LED as lighting-emitting components,meeting the professional photography and
video requirements;
í´ Optimal designed non-spherical lens and all-trans optical alignment system reaching
excellent spotlight propertiesúČ effetely control stray light with high luminous efficacy and
strong beam;
í´ Built-in various light efficiency transformation effect;
í´ The dimming could be up to 65536 level, with the equivalence dimming of TLD(TungstenLike Dimmer);
í´ The patent LED layout makes the beam even, smooth and precise;
í´ IP Grade:IP65, Meet the requirements for outdoor use;
í´ Two operating modes: RGBW & HSIC, more convenient for users to bring up ideal light color;
í´ Built-in DMX512 signal decoder and PWM dimming power supply, brightness adjustment
range is 0~100%.


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