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Main Features
¡ï Capacity up to 50kg£¬ the trolley can be used for large moving heads, other kinds of
fixtures, screens and sets. Large stage property can be hold by multiple trolleys¡£
¡ï Light design for mobile usage£¬ compatible with most hoists and truss.
¡ï Driving by brushless DC motor with optical encoder and toothed belt mechanism£¬ the
trolley operates with high torque£¬ high accuracy and low noise¡£
¡ï Modularized design£¬ easy installation¡£ Max travel range up to 65m¡£
¡ï Powered by sliding conductors£¬ the trolley is cable-free and only one power cable is
needed per track.
¡ï Embedded close-loop control system realized fast response as well as high accuracy.
¡ï Multiple operation mode including single£¬ multi and union control.

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