LED Fresnel Spot

低噪音设计,采用大型热管散热器,内置静音风机,实现LED 基板恒温控制;
采用圆形LED 模组;
调光分辨率高达65536 级,完美实现类卤钨灯TLD(Tungste光源点性好,配以进口螺纹透镜,光斑圆润,光质好;
显色指数>90,满足电影、电视演播室和剧场的高标准要n-Like Dimmer)平滑调光;
光效高,光输出相当于2kw 卤钨聚光灯,适合中大型演播室、剧场和电影拍摄使用。
Main Features
Low noise design, use large tube heat sink, noise free fan built-in, realize LED basic panel
constant temperature control;
The round-shape LED module and Fresnel lens make the smooth and high performance beam;
CRI >90, it can meet the professional requirements of large scale studios, theatres and fishooting;
The dimming resolution of 65536 level can realize a TLD (Tungsten-Like Dimmer) smooth dimming;
High performance of lighting effects, the light output is the same as the output of 2KW 
halogen tungsten spotlight, ideal for middle and large studio,theatre and film shooting.
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