Motorized Multi-LED Combo Spotlight

300W 白光和300WRGB 混色彩光合二为一,兼顾白光的高显色性能和彩色LED 灯光的绚丽效果;
调光分辨率高达65536 级,完美实现类卤钨灯TLD(Tungsten-Like Dimmer)平滑调光;
内置DMX512 信号全数字控制,带有网络接口,实现自动化布光操作;
光效高,光输出相当于3kw 卤钨聚光灯,30 米远照度大于600lux,适合大型演播室和剧场使用。
Main Features
Combine 300W white color and 300W RGB color together into one which can show both 
the high CRI performance of the white color and the colorful effects of RGB LED;
The usage of diamond-patterned lens realize the lighting mix inside, to make the same 
brightness, color and even lighting field;
CRI>90, meet the high professional standard of TV Studio and theatre;
The dimming resolution can be up to 65536 level and can realize a TLD (Tungsten-Like 
Dimmer) smooth dimming;
Built-in DMX512 signal digital control with Art-net port can make lighting plot automation;
High luminous efficiency,the light output is equal to 3KW traditional tungsten halogen 
spotlight,The illuminance is above 600lux at the distance of 30 meters suitable for large 
studio and theatre.

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