LED portable Digital Softpanel


★ 适用于各种会议室、新闻演播室、多功能厅、现场采访等专业照明要求;
★ 采用高光效,高显色性表贴(SMD)LED作为发光元件,整灯光效达到100lm/w以上;
★ 专利设计的蜂眼阵列柔光板与超柔和光线柔光板给用户不同的选择空间;
★ 采用高显色性暖白与冷白LED混光,显色指数高达96以上,满足各种专业照明要求;
★ 恒功率设计,调节色温时,能保持照度恒定不变;
★ 采用铝合金薄板加工,结构简单、重量轻、便携带。

Main Features
★ It is suitbale for various professional applications,such as conference rooms, news studios,
multi-function halls and live interviews;
★ Adopt high effective luminous ,high CRI SMD LED as the luminous element,the fifixture
luminous effificacy reaches 100 lm/w;
★ To provide various choices for users by the patent designed honey-comb array softpanel
and ultra soft lightpanel;
★ Adopt high CRI cool white and warm white LED to mix light. The fifixture CRI is better than 96.
It is satisfy to various professional lighting requirements;
★ Constant power design keeps the constant light output when adjusting the color
★ Aluminum sheet design brings the simple structure, lightweight, high mobility.

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